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Please note that our stencil selection is very limited as we are easing out of the stencil business focusing on our airbrush tattoo ink and hybrid body paint market. As our stencil inventory is depleted we recommend that you contact our UK distributor for all your stencil needs. Please visit them at to see all of their product offerings.

The stencil price shown is our standard retail price. If you are a regular Olive Branch ink customers you will receive substantial discounts on stencil purchases based on the volume of ink purchased annually. To see your adjusted stencil price, you must log in prior to adding stencils to your cart.

The stencil material used is 4mil Dura-Lar. This material is similar in appearance to mylar but offers the chemical resistivity of acetate. Dur-Lar is chemically stable, dimensionally stable, lays flat and is heat resistant.All stencils are cut and shipped by the page. Each page is 8.5" x 11". The stencil material is reusable and is lightly attached to cardstock and pre-cut for easy removal.


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