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Glitter & Setting Powder

Ultra-Fine Cosmetic Glitter and UV/Blacklight Setting Powder is recommended as a top coat setting powder for your airbrush tattoo.  

An excellent use for glitter powder would be to highlight different aspects of your temporary tattoo design. As an example, use glitter powder on the wings of a butterfly for highlights and regular setting powder on the rest of the body to set the ink. You can also cover the entire temporary tattoo with glitter powder for an all over shimmer effect.

 The UV/Blacklight Setting Powder is great for environments where black lights are used. Apply the UV Setting Powder on each layer of the tattoo or just use it on the final layer instead of regular powder. The design will shine under a black light. The powder will also absorb light and reflect it back in the dark. The top coat of a tattoo does not last as long as the full tattoo, but the effects are worth it.

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