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Professional Body Paint and Face Paint

When you need a more durable and longer lasting body paint, select from our "hybrid"  Professional Body Paint product lineup. Our Professional Body Paint is extremely durable and can last up to 2 or 3 days. This is the perfect body paint for any event that requires extended durability, water resistance and can be removed in the shower with soap, warm water, and a bit of work with a good loofah. Our Professional Body Paint was developed with the true professional body painter in mind for spray-ability, coverage, and durability.

Professional Body Paint comes ready to spray right out of the bottle. Do not dilute with water. Simply spray and go. Our Professional Body Paint dries almost instantly. Although our Professional Body Paint is water cleanup, it contains isopropyl alcohol and no water. Equipment can be cleaned with soap and warm water. Colors shown are not exact, but are close to accurate. Click here to watch our face paint videos.  If you are going to be painting an entire body (head to toe), it requires between 20 - 25 ounces for an average build female; adjust accordingly to fit your needs.

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