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Changing to Olive Branch Ink

If You Have Never Used Our Ink, Please Read This First.

So you’re thinking about changing your ink supplier to Olive Branch Skin Care? We make all of our products in our manufacturing facility in South Carolina. The most important thing to remember is that all tattoo ink is not the same. Each manufacturer makes their ink using a different formula and different formulas require different application techniques. Most people switch to our ink to save money and to get their ink on time. We manufacture and sell more ink, worldwide, than anybody, therefore we are able to sell our ink at a lower cost.

Our Quick Dry ink is generally most like the ink you are currently using. Quick Dry ink, as the name implies, dries very quickly and does not require powder although we do recommend powdering the final layer to improve the setting of the ink. This ink is waterproof and very durable and will last up to a week with proper application and care. Over the years, this ink has been effectively compared to ABA ink in durability and spray-ability but costing less. Quick Dry ink is an excellent product and will perform as well or better than any ink on the planet, except for our Long Lasting ink.

Our Long Lasting ink is the longest lasting ink ever made. Period! It is designed to be applied in layers and powdered between each layer. Do you have to powder between layers? Yes. Otherwise the ink will be too thick, feel sticky, and will take too long to dry. Powdering a layer takes just a few seconds and makes a world of difference in the look and duration of the tattoo. Simple cornstarch based baby powder will be sufficient for setting the ink; nothing fancy is needed. If you don’t want to powder between layers, our long lasting ink may not be your best choice. Try our quick dry ink.

Another important feature of switching to us as your ink supplier is that we manufacture our ink and we ship really fast. Most orders go out the same day the order is placed. So when you are in a hurry, you can count on us to get your ink to you on time.

We recommend that our ink be sprayed with a dual action, bottom feed airbrush with a nozzle/needle size of 0.8mm using a pressure of 30 – 40psi.

A dual action is best because you can control the overall amount of air and ink coming out the end of the airbrush. This is really important for blending and fading. A quality single action airbrush will also perform well.

A bottom feed airbrush is ideal because all ink has a tendency to separate and needs to be shaken occasionally. This is accomplished by placing your finger over the end of the airbrush and blowing air into the bottle or you can just shake the bottle. A top feeder airbrush will easily get clogged up due to the settling of the ink. If you must use a top feeder, only put the amount of ink you are using at that time in the cup and run alcohol through the airbrush after you are finished.

An air pressure setting of 30 - 40psi is best because it delivers plenty of air to speed up the tattoo process. If your airbrush can’t handle the pressure, get an airbrush that will. A quality airbrush will easily handle this pressure. If you think you are going to blow a hole in your skin at that pressure, try it on your arm. You can barely tell the difference.

Always set your compressor air pressure while spraying. Any compressor will build pressure but that pressure is only accurate if it can hold while spraying.

There you have it. You can save money and get your ink faster by switching to Olive Branch Skin Care ink. If you are curious, buy a small bottle and give it a whirl. We are always available to help. Our customer service is unsurpassed.
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