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High Quality & Low Cost - How We Do It!

Why is the cost of your Airbrush Tattoo Ink and Body Paint so low?

This is an extremely common question that we are asked quite often. It's true that our prices are lower than anyone else and the quality of our ink is unsurpassed and when you add in our phenomenal customer service and our super fast shipping, it almost seems impossible to believe. We live in a society where we are lead to believe if something cost more then it just has to be better. Right? Well sometimes this is true and sometimes it's not true.


Our story is very simple. First of all, we are a manufacturer of a wide range of liquid products. Every liquid product that we sell, we make it right here in our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We negotiate raw material prices with a number of suppliers to make sure we are getting the best price and highest quality on every raw material we use. By manufacturing so many products, we are able to purchase very large volumes of material and by doing so we are able to keep these cost as low as possible. 


The next important detail in keeping our overall costs down and prices lower than everybody else is that Olive Branch Skin Care, Inc. is a debt free company. We own our land, our buildings, and all of our manufacturing equipment. If we can't afford it, we don't buy it.


Another important piece of the puzzle is that we manufacture products for many companies around the world. We have customers on every continent except for Antarctica. The relationships that we have with resellers and distributors around the world is extremely important to helping us keep our overall costs down.


So there you have it. We manufacture an extremely high quality product and sell those products at an extremely attractive price because we have positioned our company to be in a very competitive market position. So just because someone else is selling their airbrush tattoo ink or body paint for more than us, don't let that fool you. More than likely, that's all they sell and they are not able to leverage their purchasing power to keep their costs down, or they just want you to believe they are selling a better product simply because they are selling it for more.


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